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[14 Jun 2017|10:07am]
no kinkshaming, no pictures of people under the age of 18. no outing, no asking for lines that the poster isn't looking for, let people who respond to a line know if you are/are not the OP, no off-topic comments including personal bookmarking on the main post
remember to check old post/comments for contact information!
full rules & mod contact post - comm/gpsl discussions & promotions

The following rules apply to all posts in this journal:

No asking for lines with anyone under the age of 18, whether it is pb, celeb or fandom. Even if the person is almost 18 in RL, wait for when they are. Different places have different legalities, even in portrayal, and it might be a stupid law, but it's how it is.

If linking an image, at least give a heads up if it if NSFW.

It is preferred that image links be through the img src="" tag, rather than the a href="" tag as the second breaks the page when you post it anon. It is okay to just put the plain link in, though that does cause need to copy and paste when anon. But please don't use the a href=" tag - that only causes a mess.

If you're not posting anon, there's no rule against explicit pictures here, so it's up to you which of the two links you prefer to use when you're not anon. Please be considerate of those browsing on mobile when it is a large image, though.

Please use the subject line for controversial kinks. That way those not interested can scroll past, and those into it can find you more easily. Use your own judgement as to controversial.

Asking for lines as or against Donald Trump or any members of his family is banned. Period.

Racist requests are also banned.
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