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[12 Apr 2017|01:06pm]
Finish the previous post.

no kinkshaming, no pictures of people under the age of 18. no outing, no asking for lines that the poster isn't looking for, let people who respond to a line know if you are/are not the OP, no off-topic comments including personal bookmarking on the main post
remember to check old post/comments for contact information!
full rules & mod contact post - comm/gpsl discussions & promotions

The following rules apply to all posts in this journal:

Due to different countries having different laws, all celeb, fandom or pb faces asked for on the journal must be over 18. If you wish to play or play against characters under 18, please make a journal and list who you want to play, posting logged in so players can see your list.

Please do not ask for any underage lines due to the same differences in legalities. Leave that for further line discussion. Please don't specify ages under 18 in lines such as parent/child or student/teacher. This can be changed in private discussion but not mentioned on the journal.

When linking a gif, please give a short description of what it is. Even NSFW or SFW (if it's something like kissing, or a celeb gif or pic of a pairing you might like to write) would be good if you really don't want to put anything else, but a short description would be best so people know what they're clicking on. You don't have to say if it's a specific sex act or anything like that.

There are things people would prefer not to come across unwarned.

If you are seeking a kink that is a little less mainstream, please say what you are looking for in the subject line or at least at the top of the post. You can do this for more mainstream kinks too if you like. This allows those looking for the same kink to find you and for those not interested to scroll past. If you are not interested in a kink, scroll past and look for the kinks and lines you are interested in. This is an adult site - there are going to be things you don't like and aren't into mentioned.

Until further notice, asking for lines as or against Donald Trump is banned, and any comments mentioning him for lines will be deleted.

It shouldn't need saying, but any racist, gross requests are also banned. This does not include requests for interracial lines or kink, but please word them carefully.
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