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rules & mod contact post [24 Nov 2000|03:00am]

a few simple rules: this is [info]sexanon so the content will be adult by nature. this is a place for people to look for smut lines, dirty customs/chat and cybering. some people are looking for themselves, others for rp - ALL are welcome, just try to keep the discussion sexual and be respectful of one another.

kinkshaming is frowned upon, your comments will be screened or deleted if you are seen doing so. no pictures of people under the age of 18. if a new post is up, please finish the previous one before jumping into the new post. remember to check back for contact information if looking for lines/chat partner, don't leave anyone hanging! there is a post here to discuss gpsls/community ideas as well as promoting existing smut comms. don't forget there are also [info]ratedx & [info]slashsls for rp ad posting and line seeking.

Please don't ask for lines that aren't what the post is about - don't ask about celeb if they are looking for pb, don't ask for slash if they are looking for het, etc.

Please don't call out individual users. Ignore the logged-in harassers - we all know who they are.

Off topic posts (initial comments) will be deleted at the discretion of the mods. Stay on topic. This includes personal bookmarks. Try to say something relevant about sex if you don't want to advertize for a line.

If you reply to a comment that isn't an initial post because you'd do the line as well, please indicate if you are the OP or a new anon. It's only polite to let the responders know this.

Due to different countries having different laws, all celeb, fandom or pb faces asked for on the journal must be over 18. If you wish to play or play against characters under 18, please make a journal and list who you want to play, posting logged in so players can see your list.

Please do not ask for underage lines due to the same differences in legalities. Leave that for further line discussion. Please don't specify ages under 18 in lines such as parent/child or student/teacher. This can be changed in private discussion but not mentioned on the journal.

When linking a gif or other picture, please give a short description of what it is. Even NSFW or SFW (if it's something like kissing, or a celeb gif or pic of a pairing you might like to write) would be good if you really don't want to put anything else, but a short description would be best so people know what they're clicking on. You don't have to say if it's a specific sex act or anything like that.

There are things people would prefer not to come across unwarned. Be polite to your fellow users.

If you are seeking a kink that is a little less mainstream, please say what you are looking for in the subject line. You can do this for more mainstream kinks too if you like. This allows those looking for the same kink to find you and for those not interested to scroll past. If you are not interested in a kink, scroll past and look for the kinks and lines you are interested in. This is an adult site - there are going to be things you don't like and aren't into mentioned.

if you have any questions, comments or concerns leave a comment and we will get back to you as soon as we can! also if there are any questionable posts you see before we can, please link them here so they can be handled.

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