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Special post - discussion for comm set ups and promotions [17 Jun 2000|10:44am]
I was pmed by the anon who is interested in setting up a celeb smut comm and after some consideration, I decided to set up a post for you to discuss setting up comms. It doesn't have to be a celeb smut comm at all.

All comm rules apply to this post.

Rules that apply to this post specifically:

You may post to try to set up more than one similar comm, but check posts in case someone else is already in the process - it might be easier to put your heads together than try and make two comms happen.

Do not accuse a comm of being a rip-off of others. Sometimes the comm idea is good but the comm that exists doesn't work for the player.

Be polite.

Please don't post regular [info]sexanon comments here. This is specifically for set up and promo of comms.

You can post anon or not as you wish here.

Please leave some space between comm promos. I suggest once a week, unless there is something big going on.

GPSLs are fine to set up or promote here as well.

Please advertise for specific lines in the regular [info]sexanon post, not here.

If you have more questions, simply comment here or pm this journal, but as pms can be iffy, please let the mod know you've pmed via an anon comment as well.
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